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Born in France and graduated in architecture from the Beaux Arts in Paris, Eric Hagai arrived in Israel in 1990.

After having acquired a vast experience within the largest architectural firms (Yasky Moore Sivan, Leittersdorf, Sharon Architects, Kaiser Architects), he opened his own firm in 2007 and designed architectural and interior design projects in Israel and abroad: luxury villas, residential buildings, industrial buildings and public buildings.

Due to its analysis of the landscape context (situation/ orientation), and of the requested program, he emphasizes the maximization of surface areas, the fluidity of movement of personnel, the public, and technical networks. His particular attention to the optimization of natural light brings a singular signature to all his projects.

With 30 years of experience, Eric Hagai's specificity is recognized for his versatility. “I am not focusing on one type of architectural project, but on the contrary looking to work in different fields. I like designing in large-scale projects of several thousand square meters that have an impact on the environment, but also working on details and choosing materials and textures. " 

''As an architect, I refer to a project as a machine or vehicle that needs to be both aesthetic and functional. Therefore, there is no difference between a villa, a residential housing project, an industrial or public building. They all require study, special functional reference and design - unique and contemporary sculpture.''

"Livable Architecture"

Recycled Paper

What people say

“Eric planned and directed the construction of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Innovation Lab in Israel. Eric knew how to remain faithful to the identity of the Group by conceptualizing the different spaces in a harmonious and aesthetic way, playing on transparency to ensure a coherent whole. He managed to create an innovative place that groups offices, shared workspaces, and vehicles on one single level, and which in addition to being beautiful corresponds to the specific functional requirements that we had presented to him. It was also a pleasure to collaborate with him, and his mastery of French and Israeli professional cultures was of great help in enabling clear and fluid communication. We are very satisfied with the result and warmly recommend Eric.” 

Amos Schupak,Deputy Director, Operations & Business development, Alliance Innovation Lab TLV at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi

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